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Tax Organizer – On Paper

To make life easier for our clients during tax season, we offer free Tax Organizers complete with formatted pages to help with the gathering of information necessary for the completion of tax returns.

If we assisted you with your previous year’s tax return, selected information from last year’s return will be pre-printed onto the organizer for your convenience.

To receive a Complimentary Tax Organizer, send an email.

Digital Tax Notebook

Our electronic Tax Notebook revolutionizes the way we can collect data from our clients. The Tax Notebook Software is easy to install and use and serves as an excellent solution for those who prefer electronic formats and typing over manual data entry.

Information from last year’s tax return can be integrated into the software making it available as an excellent on-screen reference.

For more information on our Electronic Tax Notebook, send an email.

Fraud Services and Analysis

Our team can not only help you detect fraud that is happening with your business, they can help educate your team to prevent future fraud. Our fraud experts can provide everything from seminars to checklists to audits.

For more information on our Fraud Services, send an email.

Financial Worksheets & Flowcharts

If you are in need of some quick answers to basic finance questions, for instance, “Should I buy or lease a car?” or “What will my IRA will be worth in 20 years?”, our Financial Worksheets and Flowcharts can help you out. The highly organized and easy-to-use formats can give you quick estimates to make tough finance decisions a lot less complicated.

If you are interested in our Financial Worksheets and Flowcharts, feel free to send an email.